woodland gardens

moist and wet woodland edges

Garden for a wet woodland

The original site for this garden is a shallow depression, nearly always moist, at the edge of the woods. An artificial small stream from roof gutter run-off ends in a small pond with an area for overflow at the end. This creates a permanently moist area in which candelabra primulas and moisture loving iris, together with ferns, can revel. A waterline from the house supplements moisture during periods of drought.

Along the stepping stone path leading to the pond are astilbes, bleeding hearts, hostas, Virginia Bluebells, ferns, wild ginger, Shooting Star, Wild Sweet William and other phlox species, foxgloves and lobelias. Bold textured ligularias add summer and fall color. Moisture loving ferns (Royal and Ostrich), add fine texture and height. River birches scattered along the edges create dappled shade, have interesting bark, and are the middle layer between tall forest trees and plantings at ground level. Birds, lizards and frogs, together with splashing and bubbling water, colorful perennials in their season, create an ever-changing display inviting daily visits by the owners.

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wet woodland edges
man made stream in wet woods
stream edges
wet woodland overview
mass planting of Japanese primrose
close up of a Japanese primrose
iris and primroses at pond side
mass planting of Ostrich fern in moist areas

top row: left, transition shrub border and overview of stream at right;
row 2: planted path to pond at left, overview of wet area with summer flowering shrubs at right;
row 3: Candelabra primulas and close-up;
row 4: primulas and iris in pond in early summer at left, summerview at right