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Pool side pergola with clay columns

Arbors & Pergolas
Gazebos & Barns

At right: Custom designs for pergolas and arbors from a variety of projects; two gazebos and an example of a small storage barn for gardening tools and equipment. More structures can be seen on other project pages in the portfolio.

True of all architectural features in the garden - arbors, pergolas, fences, gates, storage buildings - is that they are designed to blend with the architecture of the residence and the character of the garden and site.

Pergolas and arbors can serve a variety of purposes. They may be used to deliniate areas in the garden, or become the focal point at the end of a vista, provide a shady place to walk or sit in the garden and at pool side. They provide a structure for climbing woody or flowering vines. Their size and scale, whether painted or not, make them an important design element in any landscape. They can be brick, stone, stucco, fiberglas, non-rotting wood, and now also vinyl, and columns can sit directly on the ground or be raised on pillars.



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pool side pergola with clay columns
wood pergola with storage building
pergola at pool side
pergola walk with grapes at pool edge
wood pergola and fence separating areas
wood pergola at garden terminal point
wood arbor over dining table
rustic cedar arbor for a cottage
large pergola with lattice sides for privacy
gazebo overlooking tennis court
rustic gazebo for a writer
storage barn for garden tools