rock gardens

view to rock garden from house

A Traditional Rock Garden

This traditional rock garden in New Jersey was developed on an existing hillside surrounded on all sides by woodland and a large wetland at the very bottom edge. In keeping with "traditional" rock garden design, it was to be out of view from the residence (top photo left).

Forty five tons of boulders and stone steps were brought in from a demolished building nearby. The client requested a series of special soil pockets, including a scree area. A small pool and waterfall add movement and sound. Dwarf conifers and shrubs provide structure throughout the year and are supplemented by rock garden plants, most raised from seed by the owner. Surrounding woodland edges were planted with medium size conifers, flowering small trees, shrubs, woodland perennials, ferns and grasses. Where the woods become wet, primulas, sedges and other moisture loving plants add more color.

Now, ten years after building this garden, conifers and shrubs have grown sufficiently to soften boulders and gravel. The client continues to add rare alpines she grows from seed. She shares her enthusiasm with fellow members of the North American Rock Garden Society by opening her garden for visits. Photos of the garden have been published in GARDENS private & personal, A Garden Club of America Book, Abrams, NY, 2008, pages 96,97, 132 and inside book cover.

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view to rock garden from house across lawn
view across top of rock garden
overview of rock garden at the top
rock garden pool
the rock garden
more views of the rock garden
view across rock garden to woods edges
scree area
scree detail
detail in the rock garden
grasses in the rock garden
the rock garden edge