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Small free form pool

Some Swimming Pool examples

A few examples of a variety of swimming pools, designed to fit both the landscape and the architecture. Designs range from classic rectangular shapes to naturalistic and free form, often based on client's wishes. Many include waterfalls, a jacuzzi or hot tub.

Occasionally structural engineering has been required. The pool in row 2 at far right, for example, was raised 20 feet above the existing grade in order to take advantage of mountain views. The jacuzzi was separated from the pool by a walkway and wall sculpture. Several pools have two sets of steps into the water for multiple access points. Some pool owners requested large paved areas for entertaining while others requested the pool to blend into the garden in the least obtrusive way. Pool colors varied widely from midnight blue to aqua,and, most often, white. Shade structures and umbrellas were added to provide shelter from the sun.

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small free form pool
large free form pool with dark interior
kidney shape pool into hillside
classic pool
classic pool with full width steps
jacuzzi separate from pool
pool with double steps and pergola
pool with double steps and waterfall