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old entrance

A Suburban Garden

My clients requested an inviting entrance with more parking spaces and easier, friendlier access to the front door. In the rear, they asked for a visual separation to large paved areas between garage entrances and their outdoor patio. Key to the success of this project was repeating materials from the rear to the front since both spaces are visible from the house interior.

Photo at right top row shows the old entrance and the new. Stone retaining walls with fencing on top and pillars with lanters create an inviting entrance court for guest parking. A new stone walkway with plantings on both sides leads to a small stone patio with benches and seasonal plants in pots opposite the front door (photos row 3 and row 4 left). Replacing existing high steps at the entrance door with new by lowering riser height, adding a landing and blending materials of brick and stone ties everything together, front and rear (photos row 2).

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entrance before
new entrance with parking
old front steps and walk
new front steps for easier access with new top landing
front lawn and walk replaced with small patio
new walk and planting to front door
front house border
drive to rear garage