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rear terrace before landscaping

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It all began with a very large stone terrace that had been used to entertain large groups by previous owners. Removing sections of paving created pockets for plants that would soften the expanse of stone. Three small bubblers were added to create sound. Existing stone steps, no longer in use, provided the perfect location for the owner's troughs for close-up viewing. To visually separate the terrace from the surrounding lawns and woodland shrubs and small trees were planted above existing brick walls with conifers to hang over edges, .

The long narrow hillside edged by woods was then divided into upper lawn, middle lawn, and lower lawn with rock garden and work areas, and, at the very bottom plantings that tie into the existing wetland. Work on the front patio included a retaining wall, new planting and replacement of a small flowering tree. For a new cottage adjacent to the rock garden we chose a paint color that matched surrounding tree trunks to blend the building into the landscape.

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rear terrace before landscaping
rear terrace after
new view to rear terrace from lawn and woods
new planting pockets on terrace
troughs on steps no longer in use
bench at woodland edge for long view
new yew hedge dividing front and back
new front patio
plant pocket on front patio
guest cottage walk