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a planted border to repeat mural on wall

Garden Vignettes & Accents

As a designer, creating special garden scenes is fun. In the photo top row left is a design for a perennial planting that repeats a country scene painted on a barn wall in the background. On the right, a small mixed border added in front of a white tall fence not only softens the fence but creates a more visually interesting scene.

Plants, alone or in groups, can become important visual elements - even sculptures (bottom row left) and row 2 at right, a group of Alberta spruce rise out of hillside planting of conifers. At left in row 2, herbs in an antique copper kettle sit close to the kitchen door. Row 3 at left, a Japanese maple, beautifully pruned to expose its branching structure, becomes a sculpture in the landscape.

Sculptures in rows 3 and 4 repeat the setting - a wooden St. Francis in a woodland garden, a red and blue metal sculpture repeats a blue and red perennial planting. A beautiful urn becomes the focal point at the end of a straight walk (row 4 at right), and, adjacent to a small patio (bottom row right) used only in early spring, tulips, daffodils and early perennials enhance the setting.

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a border repeating a mural
small border along a fence
copper kettle with herbs
hillside with conifers
Sculptural Japanese Maple
St. Francis wood sculpture
sculpture accent
plant group as sculpture
a patio for spring