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new house front elevation

Garden for a New House

The list of "wants" was long and detailed for this large new house on a small plot in a wooded setting in a suburban development . The owners requested that the front should fit in with other neighboring houses but that the entire rear be used for gardening, games and swimming.

Photos 1 and 2 in the top row illustrate the simple treatment of the front with a paved short driveway edged with shade trees, additional trees planted along the road edge, and a simple knot garden at the front door. (photo 3).

In the rear I devided the space into four distinct areas: the pool with pergola, the game lawn with perennial plantings at edges, a fenced vegetable garden, and a wild garden with pond at the woodland edges. A stone paved terrace with balustrade to match the architecture of the house overlooks the rear and connects with steps on three sides to the 8 ft. lower ground level. A ramp provides easy access to the greenhouse. Retaining walls create raised beds along the terrace edge. Planting throughout includes small trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs, grasses and groundcovers - both rare and common - for maximum impact year round.

The woodland garden acts as a reservoir for drainage from the property. A small artificial stream, pond and lavish use of ferns and woodland plants along a meandering path, create a serene and quiet retreat. A shaded bocce court and swimming pool add places to exercise when not gardening.

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entrance drive
house front elevation
boxwood edged front entrance beds
partial rear elevation
view from terrace to pool and pergola
view of upper terrace
another view of the rear elevation showing the greenhouse
close up of pergola as seen from the rear
game lawn on the other side of the pool
raised beds at game lawn house end
edge at woods beyond pool
drainage channel and brook at woods edge

The last 2 photos are of the woodland garden(click here to see more of the wet woodland)