front gardens

steps to street

2 Front Gardens - Asheville NC

The first front garden on a fairly steep hillside connects the street and house entrance with convenient steps and railing to a clearly defined gravel walkway and a landing at the entrance porch. Surfacing materials, plantings left and right, echo the Arts & Crafts architecture of the cottage. An open view to the road below is now blocked with shrubs, conifers, and perennials (row 2 at right).(see more photos of this residence here).

The second front garden (rows 3 and 4) with an existing walkway needed simple planting revisions and a strong level area for the house to sit on. A low stone wall across the front with yew hedging on top creates such a strong platform and the house no longer appears to be sliding off its base. Supplemented with seasonal perennials, annuals and bulbs, evergreen screening at the property line, the new border follows the walkway from the public road to the front door.

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repaired steps and railing to street
gravel walk from street to front door
new steps to front door
view to road after planting
existing walk to front door from street
detail of perennial border edging walkway
new retaining wall at left house front to create level area
summer color along walkway