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3 Suburban Front Gardens

These three front gardens and entrances on a private road belonging to the same family required three different entrance treatment to distinguish one from the other. The long public road edges leading to the three property entrances were planted with flowering cherries.

The top two rows of photos are of the entrance at the end of a cul-de-sac where the client wanted the entrance hidden with dense screen planting.

The property next door, the original on the site, had a stucco wall and piers running all along the road edge. Belgian block paving and low evergreen plantings were added to enhance the driveway opening. A second entry court was later added with more stucco walls, iron gate, fountains and seasonal plantings edged in boxwood. (Photos row 3 and 4, see more images here).

Across the road, the last house, added twenty years later, has a more open view to the road. Belgian block, stone piers and a beautiful iron gate create an inviting yet protected entrance. The drive edge is lined with hornbeam trees set into boxwood hedged bays to frame the residence in the background. (Photos bottom row)

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bluestone walk from drive to front door
walk from house entrance to driveway showing planting at house wall
border planting of shrubs and trees
plant screen to next door
main property entrance with stucco walls
entrance drive island
walk to front door
interior entrance garden
stone pillars, belgian block and iron gate
drive edged with yews and hornbeam trees