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front steps driveway to kitchen door

Front Garden For a Windy Site

This residence in the country near Asheville, NC sits in a wind tunnel created by two mountain ridges. The neighbor's existing hemlock hedge parallel to the house further aggrevated the situation. Two front doors were confusing to visitors.

To ameliorate the effect of year-round strong winds, three rows of evergreen hedges planted perpendicular between the house and hemlock hedge considerably aid in slowing down winds. They divide the long narrow space into three "garden rooms" and separate the main entrance from the private terrace. Closest to the Kitchen entrance is a small herb and salad garden (photo row 2 right). French doors open from the Living Room to the main terrace. At the lowest level, a table with umbrella and a small fountain, is the perfect spot for early morning sun when the rest of the property is in shade.

Hedges, a year round strong element (photos row 3 - summer and winter) are trimmed to repeat the shape of the sculpture at the far end. Color is added from plants in pots and raised beds, flowering shrubs and a variety of greens from boxwood and Leyland Cypress. The hedges shelter the space so it can be used in all seasons, even on rare warm Winter days.

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steps from drive to main entrance door
close up of kitchen entrance
view from main terrace to kitchen door
kitchen door planting
hedges dividing and screening the front garden
winter view of dividing hedges
main terrace uppper level
closeup of upper terrace level
table with umbrella and fountain on lower level
view to lower level with fountain