new deck overview


  A deck transforms outdoor living

An existing deck at the living level of this residence was too small for all the activities desired by the client and did not relate to surrounding landscape and pool. (photo row 1 left) At right is an image of the completed new deck. It ties together buildings from the kitchen corner to the garage and wraps a corner at the storage building end (photo row 4 right) which created space for a small herb garden. Four levels of terraced planting beds (photo bottom row right) and steps now tie the deck to the pool patio, the gardens and the larger landscape.

Off the living room door is the largest area for entertaining (photo row 3 right). Two steps up is a built in table and benches for year round use and direct access to the kitchen. Although there are many steps connecting the levels, they have low risers and broad treads making the climb or descend graceful and easy for the whole family.

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high deck at living level before construction
overview after construction
deck from pool level
steps connecting pool level to upper living decks
steps at upper living and kitchen level
entertaining deck at living room doors
built in table and benches at kitchen door for year round use
another dining table at pool
overview - steps down to pool level
end view to show 4 terrace levels