country gardens

drive thru between house and barn and guest parking

Country Gardens

   Large Country Garden- cont.

photo at left, top row: guest parking in front of attached barn; at right: view of garage court at back of barn and connecting steps to top living level. Fencing required to satisfy pool safety laws created a small garden at the bottom of the stairway (photos row 2).

The large pool area provides space for lounges on all sides. A stone building at the end of a pergola holds pool equipment, bathroom, and changing areas. The shaded pergola is used for poolside lunches. Adjacent to the pool is a large level lawn for games. (photos row 3 and row 4 left). A similar attached pergola across the service area at the house rear terrace creates a visual separation to the service area. (bottom row right).

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drive through between buildings and guest parking
two levels
gate to pool level
overview of lower level
view from upper level to pool level
classic pool with wide steps
pool side pergola detail
pergola at rear house elevation