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entrance gate

Country Gardens

   A Plant Collector's Garden

After searching unsuccessfully for a barn to convert to a residence, I purchased a six acre piece of land and designed and built a house as close to my vision of a "converted barn" as I could. The land became more important as it offered both mature woodland, an open meadow, a brook, lots of rock, and open sky towards sunsets.

Before beginning the garden, the whole property was enclosed with 8ft. high fencing to prevent deer access. Dwarf conifers, rare flowering shrubs as well as native rare wildflowers and ferns were moved from a previous property and waited their turn to be replanted as new garden areas were created.

Photos top row: the gate across the entrance drive and looking down towards drive circle;
rows 2 and 3: circle and plant details at drive edge;
row 4 : mixed planting of conifers, perennials, bulbs and a bench to overlook the brook and island below;
row 5: entrance to woodland garden and foxgloves;

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deer gate with flag as seen from the outside
summer view of driveway
drive island for turn around
detail of island planting
fall colors in drive island
front entrance
front planted bed
rock garden and conifer hillside to brook
wild garden entrance above rock garden
foxgloves in wild garden