country gardens

view from front to country lane and bridge across brook

Country Gardens

   Garden For A Working Farm

A working farm, the main house is surrounded by fields, orchards and outbuildings. The entrance to the farm is off a country lane across a small brook and old stone bridge. To emphasize the front entrance, a new bluestone terrace, surrounded by a low stone retaining wall, leads to the front door porch. New porch benches, planting pockets in the terrace, lead containers and cockerel sculptures enhance the country ambiance. Steps at the far end connect the front around the side to the rear garden (top 6 photos).

The kitchen/service entrance with its small dooryard garden, is clearly defined by its simplicity and remains of a beehive oven. A walkway connects to the rear garden through a gate and fencing designed to prevent deer from entering the gardens. (photos row 4).

The gardens in the rear are enclosed by old buff stone walls on the lower level. Alternating new hornbeam hedges and wood fence panels shield the gardens from public road view, and, in addition, limit deer access. (photos bottom row).

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view front house front to country lane and bridge
barn for farm equipment and cars
main entrance walkway
connecting steps from terrace to rear garden
front terrace leading to main entrance door and porch
front terrace and porch detail
brick walk to service entrance
path, fence and gate from service entrance to rear gardens
walk from front terrace to rear terrace
gate to rear terrace and fence panels