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Country Gardens

   Garden On A Steep Hillside

My garden in North Carolina is on a steep hillside that was originally in impoverished lawn. Run-off had depleted the heavy clay soil over many years. My first objective was to create a level lane through the middle of the hill so I could walk all around the house, front to back. (photo top row left). The second objective was to create a view to distant mountains and sunsets. (photo bottom row left). All landscaping and planting is new.

The existing small deck at the back door was enlarged and now provides access to the top level gravel terrace with water rill and dining arbor. The upper bank was planted mainly with dwarf conifers, grasses, bulbs and low growing perennials. Plants were chosen to provide textural and color contrasts from spring through summer and into autumn, with conifers adding strength in winter.

More views of this garden can be found here: front garden and dry woodland garden.

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hillside at house rear before landscaping
top bank after construction
lane dividing upper and lower bank -access to house back and front
upper gravel terrace with dining pergola
upper terrace water rill
plant detail on upper terrace
bank planting
bank planting detail
misty spring view to mountains from upper terrace
view across banks into woodland in the fall