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stone and wood paving

Construction Details - Stone

Stone in its many colors and sizes lends itself to as many uses as one can imagine. Stone in a landscape - for walls, paving, random use or native to the site - is usually permanent. For the most part, locally available stone is always best as it looks logical in the landscape.

In addition to the images on this page, stone in its many guises can be seen throughout my website. Here are only a few randomly chosen examples:
top row: at left, cut stone randomly set into wood edged platforms; at right, cut bluestone squares with brick bands on the diagonal;
row 2: at left, cut bluestone dry laid in a circle; at right, just one example of gravel used for paving;
row 3: at left, formal granite wall and curbing, set with concrete; at right, random stone lined drainage channel; row 4: at left, natural cleft stone slab steps with equal riser heights and widths; at right, cut bluestone steps; row 5: at left, Belgin Block laid flat on gravel base and edging; at right, dry stack stone wall with wood fence;

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stone and wood paving
cut stone with brick dividers
cut bluestone in a circle
gravel paving
stone wall and curb
stone lined drainage channel
natural cleft stone steps
cut stone steps
antique Belgian Block paving
stone wall with fence on top