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rear garden overview

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   Asheville, North Carolina - cont.

An existing concrete patio and walk off the kitchen entrance were resurfaced with stone paving. Existing concrete steps were realigned for equal riser height throughout. An old outdoor grill with chimney was converted to a babbling fountain on the main patio. (before & after photos at right row 2).

Above the patio, stone retaining walls and steps provide access to the steep hillside now entirely planted with shrubs, perennials, bulbs, small flowering trees, evergreens and grasses. (photos top row and rows 4 & 5). It is a riot of color and texture throughout the seasons.

Gravel surfaced small patios and sitting areas under the canopy of ancient oaks allow for a variety of viewing experiences - from bird watching to sunsets on distant mountains.

A & C Garden-Far Hills, NJ | A & C Garden-In A Clearing

rear garden overview
rear lawn before
new terrace fountain
old fireplace
new shuffleboard use
closeup of new storage barn
detail from perennial border
mixed perennials and grasses