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new front garden

Arts & crafts Garden

   Asheville, North Carolina

This garden at "The Manor" in Asheville is in one of the oldest subdivisions in the country, dating from the early 1900's. Although this particular house was built in the l950's, it was totally remodeled in the l990's to be in context with Arts & Crafts cottages original to The Manor.

The client requested replacing all lawn with a cottage style garden where she could grow perennials, shrubs and bulbs; usable walkways and convenient access to the steep hillside above the house; privacy from adjacent properties and public roads. Huge, magnificent oaks from the original 1902 planting were to be protected to lend an air of age and permanence to the new gardens.

In addition to plants, new work included stone steps, stone paving for walkways and main patio, as well as finding new uses for an existing stone grill with chimney and a concrete shuffleboard. Stone retaining walls were added as needed.

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front gravel walk
front walk before
new front steps and landing
old front entrance steps
view across front after construction
view across front before construction
view to road after construction
view to road before construction

Before (at right), After (at left):
top row: existing mulched main path from road to front door and new gravel path with stone steps; row 2: existing entrance steps and new broad stone steps and landing; row 3: existing mulched path and new with stone retaining wall & walk to garage; row 4: new screen plantings to partially block views to front porch from road below;